Need to Sink a Water Well on Your Plot of Land?

What Is Involved with a Water Well Drilling Service?

The first step needed with water well drilling is to choose the right location. The well needs to be near a house. Keep in mind that you do not want to start drilling through a piece of granite. Potential drill sites are sometimes found using sonar readings, however, a farmer or homeowner can hire a dowser.

Once you have located your potential site, the drilling can start. Should you be extremely lucky, you will find water at as little as 7.62 meters beneath the ground. However, when fate isn’t going your way, a 304.8-meter hole could be needed. With the latter, drilling can start to become quite expensive, as some professional well drilling service providers will charge anywhere from $20 to $30 US Dollars every foot.

Water well drilling can be performed in various different ways. The simplest way is a driven well, this means pounding a pipe into the earth until water is found. The pipe will have a thread, and a cap is placed on the top to protect these threads against the abuse from a sledgehammer. The pipes bottom will be covered with a screen to stop it filling up with dirt and debris. Once the pipe is driven almost into the ground, the cap will be removed, and more pipe will be screwed onto the threads, and so on, well drilling service providers explain.

Fortunately, most drilling is done using high-power drills which are mounted on a truck. Rotary drills come with auger-shaped ends made using materials which are much stronger than any rocks they will bore through. The most common bits are out of tungsten. A fluid, referred to as drilling mud, will be put through the pipe, which forces debris to the surface. When water is finally reached, the drill and pipes are removed, and a casing will be inserted in the hole.

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