We Take Water Well Drilling to a Whole New Level!

Based in Lexington, KY, Lewis Water Well Drilling was founded in 1976 by Billy Lee Lewis, one of the first Kentucky Water Well Certified drilling contractors in the Bluegrass region. It was our fundamental values of perseverance, integrity, hard work, and ambition that drove our family-owned business to where it is today. Stay on this page to learn more about our company and why even after four decades, we are still the preferred well drilling contractor for households and businesses all around the area.

Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling

What Makes Us Stand out from the Local Crowd

There are leaders, and then there is everyone else. We at Lewis Water Well Drilling take immense pride in staying ahead of the curve for all these years and being bold and persistent enough to drive the water well drilling industry standards forward. We focus on efficiency, quality, and safety. When it comes to standards, ours are so high we are in a league of our own, and other service providers look up to us. This in combination with our everlasting hunger for improvement is what has made our name synonymous with the finest quality water well drilling and pump services in the industry of Lexington, KY today. None of our customers have ever complained about having their project executed professionally and at affordable rates!

Why Trust Us

We know it may seem old-fashioned today, but we still strongly believe in doing what we have promised to do. Plain and simple. To us, our word is our bond. A bond that applies to our work process, deadlines, and results. None of our residential or commercial clients have also ever complained that we are too honorable and strict to our promises.

Contact the well drilling contractor who can deliver what you need, when you want it, and at a rate, you can afford! We are just a phone call away at (859) 333-1200!

Services List

  • Well Water Drilling Services
  • Pump Installation & Repair
  • Exploratory Drilling
  • Site Management
  • Water Extraction
  • Residential
  • Commercial