How Is Water Found?

What Does Water Well Drilling Involve?

It’s true that people who live in cities and small towns very rarely think about how people living in the country get their water. For homes which are not hooked up to a municipal water system, their only option is to drill for it.

Water well drilling

basically means boring a hole and putting in lengths of

pipe until water is reached. There are most people worldwide that still dig wells using their hands and shovels, however, but for the most part, thanks to modern techniques, this job has become much simpler.

The first step is choosing a location, a well needs to be close to a house, depending on the purpose it serves, however, you do not want to start drilling on top of a solid piece of granite. Potential sites are regularly found using sonar readings, however, just as often homeowners will use a professional dowser. This is a trusted, but somewhat mystical art, but people that find water using this method are remarkably accurate.

Water well drilling

is done in various different ways. The easiest method is a driven well, this is when you pound a length of pipe into the ground until you find water. The pipe will be threaded and have a cap placed on the top end to protect these threads. The bottom will be covered to prevent any dirt or debris from filling it. When the pipe is driven almost into the ground, the cap will be taken off, and another piece of pipe is screwed on.

Fortunately, well drilling is now performed using high-powered drills that are mounted on a truck. Rotary drills have large, auger-like ends made out of materials which are stronger than the rocks they will bore through. The most common

are made from tungsten, commercial well drilling

specialists advise.

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